About SecretSurfer

SecretSurfer is a cybersecurity company specializing in auditing and consulting services to protect businesses from open-source data leaks, including sensitive information leaked by employees like leaked API tokens, passwords, and financial data on websites like GitHub. We offer continuous monitoring services of all of GitHub (not just accounts you know are held by employees!) and red-team engagements/consulting services. Our innovative system allows us to pinpoint the owners of secrets, enabling us to scan a larger amount of data for leaks.

Our technology has already led to over 50 coordinated security disclosure reports to Fortune 500 giants, earning us over $20,000 in bug bounties.

Meet the Team

Tillson Galloway (PhD student at Georgia Tech) and Josh Weintraub (Georgia Tech MS Cybersecurity '23), our founders, hold industry and research experience in cybersecurity and large-scale internet measurement.
Our committed team has been plugging leaks for four years. Among our notable contributions is the creation of GitHound, an acclaimed open-source tool designed for meticulous secret-searching, widely embraced by the tech community. We've also presented on our research at DEF CON.

SecretSurfer Team

Recent News

  • 5/13/23: Our open-source tool, GitHound has reached 1000 stars on GitHub!
  • 4/2/23: SecretSurfer won "Best Cybersecurity Team" at Georgia Tech's Klaus Startup Challenge! (article)

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Send us an email at hello@secretsurfer.xyz